Entrevista en el DIARI LA VEU

On October 6, we had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Diari La Veu , and be able to tell your readers about the team and the project behind Elixir Café .

 Elixir Specialty Coffee Team in compostable capsules


"The third wave of coffee has reached Valencia. This is a movement that has started in the Nordic countries and that seeks to produce quality coffee, bypassing intermediaries and guaranteeing farmers a fair price for your product. María, Isabel and Carlos Restrepo met this < span> movement in Berlin, where the three moved after completing their respective university studies in Valencia. Como The three brothers are Colombian and have always had a close relationship with the coffee world, they decided to join the movement and start a company.

The task of always undertaking is complicated and they They considered that they would have it easier in Valencia than anywhere else. Thus, the brothers have been selling coffee for more than a year and they have been selling it in compostable capsules for four months. With this project, called Elixir, they try to bring quality coffee to Valencians trying to reduce the environmental footprint as much as possible. "

If you want to read the article full, you can find it in the economy section of the Diari la Veu or by clicking here .

 Team Elixir Specialty Coffee in compostable capsules

Photo Credit: < span> DANIEL GARCÍA-SALA

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