cápsulas de café


cápsulas de café


We are three brothers of Colombian origin passionate about specialty coffee and have been connected for many years with this magical coffee world. 

The idea of ​​founding Elixir Café came to us after learning about the movement of the third wave of coffee, Specialty coffee. This movement embodies many of the values ​​that represent the search for quality, responsibility for the environment and the empowerment of coffee growers.


We care about the environment and we try that all our decisions reflect our intention to contribute to combat the climate change that is affecting so much the cultivation of coffee and our entire planet.

This is why we invite you to join this initiative with our 100% compostable capsules, they degrade in less than three months and are the alternative to the impact of plastic and aluminum on our planet.

cápsulas de café


It is an excellent quality coffee that obtains a rating of 80 points or more on a scale of 100 awarded by professional tasters, and is distinguished by its aroma, flavor, personality, distinctive character and total traceability from its cultivation to its artisan roasting. .


We highlight the following characteristics in a special coffee:

1. Unique and special origins.

2. The cherries are harvested by hand and in an artisan way.

3. A fresh and adequate roasting.

4. A good barista.

5. A person eager to learn and passionate about coffee!

elixir café de especialidad en grano molido

Destacamos las siguientes características en un café especial:

1. Orígenes únicos y especiales. 

2. Las cerezas se recolectan a mano y de forma artesana.

3. Un tueste fresco y adecuado.

4. Un buen barista.

5. Una persona con ganas de aprender y ¡apasionada del café!